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A success seeker is a future professional. They are ambitious, driven and hungry to succeed.
A success seeker defines their own future. A leader of their own path, they believe in fairness and opportunity for all.
One Dream, One Story, Our Success

Apply to to become a Success Seekers and you’ll have instant access to the following

Your Own, Individual Mentor

Matched on personality as well as on sector

An Industry Leading Careers Platform

With Instant CV appraisals, Interview Feedback and Access to Skills Development Software

A Community Manager

To help you every step of the way and to make sure that you get the full worth from Tribe Success

Skills Workshops With Professionals

Exclusive to the Tribe, with coaching circles, CV workshops and Mock Interview sessions

Access To Our Network Of Professionals

Start your networking journey with our speakers and other industry leaders

Access To Any Job Opportunities We Are Given

As we run recruitment for companies any opportunity will be given straight to you

Learn about our industry leading careers platform 

 "I got the chance to meet experienced mentors and network with people from the finance sector. I have acquired insight on how to promote my professional portfolio; and also become self aware of my weaknesses and how to improve myself. Generation success had provided an opportunity for my career advancement."
Louis S, 
Success Seeker


1. What is in it for me? 
Access to our mentoring programmes, our careers platform, access to all over our events, skills workshops and activities with employers, networking opportunities. Along with a bespoke experience designed by your community manager and access to the job opportunities employers share with us. 

2. Is it free?
Becoming a Success Seeker is completely Free for students and recent graduates who are successful in their application. 

3. What factors do you consider in your application?
We approve the applications based on your enthusiasm for Generation Success and tribe success, we get this from the quality of what has been written in your application. Along with whether you meet our required criteria. 

4. How quickly will you look into my application?
It will take us up to a week to get through to your application. 

5. What are the benefits of mentoring?
Get an insight into improving your employability from a professional themselves. It is a great way to get to know how to get into your dream career and take the initial steps to help grow your professional network. It is a fantastic opportunity to also get yourself known by these organisations. We've had mentees be employed on a part-time basis or received work experience as a result of their mentoring relationship. 

6. How will you match me to a mentor if I don't yet know the job I would like to do?
Not all of our mentees and mentors are matched on industry and job roles, we also look at skills and other factors in common.  
7. How do you know how to connect me with employers and job opportunities?
We find that over time, especially as you are more engaged in the tribe, when employers come to us with opportunities our community manager has an understanding of the candidates who would be interested. 

8. Will you hold a specific event or workshop for my particular industry of interest? 
If you don’t find events that appeal to any of your professional interests, reach out to us and we can see what we can do. We are open to any suggestions you have of events and opportunities you are interested in experiencing.

9. When will I get access to your careers platform?
As soon as we have accepted or approved of your application your access to the platform will be provided. 

10. How can I stay involved with Tribe Success?
Attend our events and opportunities, reach out to our community manager, keep a strong relationship with your mentor or even offer a testimonial. 

11. Are there success seeker socials or networking events?
We hope to go on to host more of these, but you get a chance to meet your fellow Success Seekers during our welcome events, which take place on a monthly basis. 

12.Will you be having an in person event any time soon?
In the interest of everyone’s safety we will not be holding any in person events any time soon. 

We are Generation Success, an award-winning non-profit that partners with 70 employers in the  UK & Ireland to develop, mentor & connect members to their career aspirations.

We have partnered with HSBC, BT, TD Securities, Paul Hastings, SAP, Google and many other big names to make this world a more equal place.
The Student Fellowship is designed to help young people transition into the world of work. Our employers help make this programme and everything in it free. So make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and help us strive for equality

Our network is 10,000+ Strong.
Join us and lets grow the movement.


TRIBE Success Allies are our superpower. Without exception, our allies are industry captains, world-class coaches, mentors and people with an unshakeable will to level the playing field in the employment arena.
Coming from a range of diverse backgrounds including technology, banking, law, general commerce and pharmaceuticals, our corporate Allies provide mentorship, coaching and real world job opportunities for our tribe.
Professional allies are seasoned, experienced individuals who are highly motivated to share their knowledge and inside know-how with determined, ambitious, bright young people.
The unifying principle for all of our allies is fairness. We all agree that change needs to happen and with TRIBE SUCCESS, we’re creating and implementing change.
Interested? You’ll be in great company; look at just some of the names we value as committed allies:


TRIBE SUCCESS is our movement, helping young people of diversity to realise their career aspirations. With a range of mentoring, access to events and an industry leading careers platform, TRIBE SUCCESS is your launch pad to reaching your career goals. TRIBE SUCCESS is 10,000 passionate, driven, inspiration members and more than 70 employers providing opportunities for everyone, regardless of circumstance or background. 

About Generation Success

We are an award-winning non-profit that' partnered with HSBC, BT, TD Securities, Paul Hastings, SAP, Google and more to develop, mentor and connect members to their career aspirations. Be part of the change - join our community today.
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